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Our brands/members/solutions

Burgerhout is the flagship brand of M&G Group. For more information about Burgerhout visit: www.burgerhout.com
Anjo focuses on natural ventilation, rainwater drainage and cable entries for airco, heatpumps & solar applications. For more information about Anjo visit: www.anjo.nl
Stabile, originated in Italy, is a well-known brand in Soutern and Eastern Europe. For more information about Stabile visit: www.stabile.it
Ant Kalip famous in Turkey and Eastern Europe is a specialist in flue venting. For more information about Ant Kalip visit: www.mg-group.com.tr
M&G Group is able to provide specific solutions for OEM customers. For more information about customized solutions call: +31 592 343 043

Our vision

We see a world in which we face large climate and social issues. We see that a lot of material is wasted during the production and packaging of products and when using products for (flue) venting, this sometimes has a negative impact on the climate. We see that many people want to live in a house with a good internal climate, whilst preserving the external climate. However, they face thresholds to do so. It is too difficult and too expensive.

Our values

We believe in RESPECT. Respect for our planet and for each other. That we treat each other as equals. We believe, that if we work TOGETHER, with our customers, with the end users of our products, our suppliers and with each other, and if we take care for a SAFE AND SECURE environment, both for ourselves (physically and emotionally) as well as for the people who live in the houses conditioned with our products, that we can make the difference. We have the DRIVE to make progress every day, by innovation and by making it simple.

Our mission


Our ultimate dream is to facilitate a healthy indoor climate without harming the outdoor climate. To have a safe and healthy manufacturing and supply process with 1) zero waste and 2) zero emissions …


… to contribute to optimal living circumstances with 1) safe, fresh and clean air of a 2) healthy air composition and the right 3) warmth/coolness …


… in existing and new build houses …


… taking every threshold away, like availability, affordably and applicability.

SDG’s ​​​​​​​

The United Nations developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We of M&G Group wanted to implement several goals in our business. We wanted to get a maximum impact and we wanted to improve on several of these goals. 

We choose to make a maximum impact on climate action, decent work and economic growth & responsible consumption and production. To improve ourselves we have chosen three other goals. We chose to improve good health and wellbeing, affordable and clean energy & partnership for the goals.


Our locations

Our solutions


M&G Group specialises in making customized products. Are you looking for an internal flue pipe, boiler adapter, condensation pan or something similar? Please contact us on +31 592 343 043


Hybalans+ is a smart plug-and-play system, the result of which is predetermined. The operation is as simple as it is effective: Each room has its own red duct for the extraction of ventilation air and, if desired, its own blue duct for the supply of ventilation air. The flexible plastic ducts, with a fixed diameter, are connected to an air distribution box, which in turn is connected to the selected ventilation system.


In a ventilation system, it is important that the supplied or extraction air is correctly routed from the ventilation unit to the air distribution box and the rest of the house. In addition, it is important to properly move the air from outside the house to the ventilation unit. That is why the unique EasyAir EPP/EPS insulated duct system has been developed. This system is extremely suitable for connecting the heat pump, heat recovery system or mechanical ventilation system. The smart construction combined with the high insulation value prevents condensation in and around the duct system and energy loss from the ventilation air.

Delta-Discovery Air

The Delta-Discovery Air is a completely redesigned heat pump housing that offers numerous benefits to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of heat pumps. One of the key innovations of the Delta-Discovery Air is the WindShield, ensuring optimal heat pump performance in all weather conditions. The housing stands out due to its exceptional accessibility from within the home. The intelligent design enables swift and easy annual maintenance and minor repairs to the heat pump, enhancing user-friendliness and durability. Each Delta-Discovery Air unit is custom-made to achieve a flawless setup. The housing is available in any RAL color, allowing it to seamlessly blend into its surroundings. With the Delta-Discovery Air, the installer receives a high-quality heat pump housing that meets all your needs and exceeds expectations.


The EasySafe concentric push-fit flue system is equipped with a tensile-resistant connection and is therefore unique in its kind. This all-plastic system, the clever application of the tensile connection and the easy shortening and sideways bracketing are a huge step forward for the installer. This makes EasySafe one of the most secure systems on the market. Moreover, EasySafe is suitable for connection to hydrogen appliances, ready for the future!

Cable Entry

The new double-walled, insulated and reclosable cable entry has an attractive appearance and is easy to open and close. Ideal if cables and/or pipes have to be fed through the roof afterwards. The supplied adhesive plate is double-walled insulated and therefore insensitive to condensation. In addition, a “barrier” is included, which provides both an airtight seal and prevents the entry of vermin. The adhesive plate can be connected vapour-tight and airtight and can be extended under the roof. The resealable hood is made of PP, very strong and UV resistant.


Sustainability is one of our core values. Care and protection for the environment are integral to our daily activities and reduced energy consumption central to product design and production processes. We are focused on the long-term future of our planet and M&G Group. In addition to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the sustainable employability of employees plays an important role in our sustainability policy. The health of employees is paramount and is leading in the projects, M&G Group is starting to increase employability.

M&G Group, it’s brands and other participants, participate in many sustainability and CSR initiatives. If you would like to learn more about the initiatives, you can click on the images below.

M&G Group - History

Our history

  • 1932
    Muelink & Grol was founded
  • 1937
    Burgerhout (founded in 1865) starts producing flue gas venting systems
  • 1996
    M&G Group is formed by the 2 market leaders:
    Muelink & Grol and Burgerhout
  • 1998
    Anjo (Beverwijk) joins M&G Group
  • 2005
    InterActive, located in Didam, joins M&G Group
  • 2005
    The Belgian company Isoléco joins M&G Group
  • 2005
    Cheminées Sécurité (est. 1984), located near Paris, joins the group
  • 2007
    Ant Kalip (origin Istanbul, est. 1955) joins M&G Group
  • 2009
    M&G-Italia (located in Orgiano near Venice) becomes
    part of the group
  • 2010
    DuraVent, with 2 locations in the USA, joins
  • 2012
    Security Chimneys (est. 1960) in Laval, Canada joins M&G Group
  • 2016
    InterActive is fully integrated into the plants in Groningen and Assen
  • 2016
    Cheminées Sécurité changes into Burgerhout France
  • 2017
    To better serve their respective regional markets, DuraVent and Security Chimneys International are carved out of M&G Group
  • 2017
    The Italian flue gas company Stabile S.p.A joins M&G Group
  • 2023
    The move to a new factory, which ensures that we produce even more sustainably!