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The site employs more than 150 people in Groningen in the northern part of the Netherlands. The R&D laboratory for all M&G Group companies and customers is located at this site.


Homebase of the headquarter of M&G Group and also the origin of the Burgerhout brand, which has a very strong position on the wholesale market in the Benelux and France with solutions for installers in the heating and ventilation industry. The production site employs over 150 people.


A site which specializes in ventilation and roofing products and supplies these to the Dutch wholesalers. The brand Anjo was founded in 1964 and is located in Beverwijk, near the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.


This Belgian city near Brussel is not only famous for its beer but is also the location of M&G Group Belgium. M&G Group Belgium distributes its products through wholesalers to Belgian installers in the heating industry. The company also supplies stainless steel insulated systems and produces stainless steel handle systems for hospitals etc.

Croissy Beaubourg

Burgerhout France distributes its products through wholesalers to French installers in the heating industry. They also supply stainless steel insulated systems. The company, which is located in Torcy near Paris, was founded in 1984.


Ant Kalip is specialized in manufacturing for OEM customers in Turkey, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia. It is located in the Turkish city of Istanbul and employs 80 people. The company was founded in 1955 and joined M&G Group in 2007

Vacaville, CA

M&G Duravent specializes in a wide range of Venting Systems for the North American Commercial and Residential HVAC and Hearth markets. It supplies to Distributors, Dealers, Exclusive Reps, and OEM Customers. Founded in 1956, DuraVent employs over 300 people and has 2 locations, Vacaville, CA and Albany, NY.

Albany, NY

M&G Duravent specializes in a wide range of Venting Systems for the North American Commercial and Residential HVAC and Hearth markets. It supplies to Distributors, Dealers, Exclusive Reps, and OEM Customers. Founded in 1956, DuraVent employs over 300 people and has 2 locations, Vacaville, CA and Albany, NY.


Security Chimneys specializes in a wide range of Venting Systems for the North American Commercial HVAC and Hearth markets. It supplies to Distributors, Dealers, Exclusive Reps, and OEM Customers. Founded in 1960, Security Chimneys manufactures in Laval, Quebec.


This M&G Group site specializes in flue gas venting systems for OEM customers in Southern Europe. M&G Group Italia was founded in 1986 and is located in the Italian village of Orgiano, near Verona and Venice. M&G Group Italia employs 80 people.

Gorla Minore

Stabile was founded in 1977 and is located near Milan. Nowadays, it is an Italian leading manufacturer and distributor of connecting flue pipes and accessories in aluminum for gas boilers, in carbon steel for wood and pellet stoves, stainless steel chimneys and polypropylene chimneys for condensing boilers. Stabile employs 35 people in total.


This branch specializes in flue gas venting systems for OEM customers in Germany. M&G Group is located in the village of Neuss, near Düsseldorf.


This branch specializes in flue gas venting systems for OEM customers in the United Kingdom. M&G Group is located in the village of Beachampton, near Milton Keynes.

Our solutions

M&G Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of flue gas venting and ventilation systems. The company has extensive knowledge of relevant legislation in Europe and North America and operate a quality system according to ISO 9001:2015. The Group’s activities revolve around R&D, innovation and custom-made solutions for customers all over the world. As a partner of leading boiler manufacturers M&G Group companies contribute to cost-effectively solving flue venting issues inside and outside the boiler. A complete range of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic (PP) products is developed by highly skilled engineers and produced in the M&G Group’s own ultra-modern production facilities.


Sustainability is one of our core values. Care and protection for the environment are integral to our daily activities and reduced energy consumption central to product design and production processes. We are focused on the long-term future of our planet and M&G Group. In addition to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the sustainable employability of employees plays an important role in our sustainability policy. The health of employees is paramount and is leading in the projects, M&G Group is starting to increase employability.

M&G Group, Burgerhout and all other members of the M&G Group are participants in many sustainability and CSR initiatives. A small selection:

The international ISO 14001 standard determines the requirements that an environmental management system must meet. Because the M&G Group and its branches comply with this, we show that we want to continuously improve our environmental performance by making more efficient use of raw materials and reducing waste. Wherever waste is generated, we will always dispose of it and recycle it in a responsible manner.

ICDuBo (Innovation Center for Sustainable Building) inspires, informs, advises and connects all parties involved in the sustainable (re) development and management of real estate. Supply and demand are actively brought together, during congresses, events and theme meetings. ICDuBo has a spacious showroom of 2500 m2, which offers a complete overview of the latest solutions, including those of Burgerhout / M&G Group, in the field of sustainable building and sustainable living. This unique design makes ICDuBo the largest sustainability centre in Europe.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certificate is for organizations that are actively involved in the making of sustainability and if possible, creating circular activities. It is not just about ‘wanting’ but also about ‘doing’ – by specifically working on projects that match the nature and size of the company.

The Koploper project for future-proof entrepreneurship is focused on sustainable and strengthening of the regional economy, by providing progressive SME organizations with the knowledge, tools and network to better respond to the development towards a climate-neutral, circular and inclusive economy. Thus “future-proof business”.

In 2018 M&G Group participated in a Koploper project in Assen, thereby ensuring that sustainable business became a structural improvement process within the organization. This reflects itself in, among other things, adjustments in the production halls (such as the use of LED lighting) and production methods (including waste separation) to an investment in a completely new factory, where sustainability plays an important role right from the start.

During the “Lean and Sustainable Production” project, which was started from Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen in collaboration with the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen, various research projects were carried out. In the subsequent phase, 15 production companies, including our location in Assen, were supported with lean and sustainability projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept that has been put into practice by the M&G Group for many years. M&G Group locations in Groningen and Assen have been working together with Meesterwerk Werkprojecten for many years. Together we have a working partnership in which the government of Groningen, Werkplein Drentse Aa (Assen) and UWV also participate.

Meesterwerk and Burgerhout have been working together for years on the Werk op Werk project in close collaboration with Werkplein Baanzicht Assen and the UWV. Various participation jobs are made available within this project. Meesterwerk has set up its own training facility with its partners where candidates can gain their first work experience. Armed with the correct skills and workplace confidence, people can then move on to Burgerhout’s own location.

A clear division of roles has been agreed upon within the partnership: the government and the Werkplein are responsible for the recruitment of potential candidates, M&G Group and Burgerhout make the learning workplaces available and Meesterwerk Werkprojecten is responsible for coordination and supervision.

Our facts

  • M&G Group is active in the development, manufacturing and marketing of flue gas venting systems and ventilation systems
  • Headquarter is located in Assen, The Netherlands
  • The group employs over 600 professionals at 10 locations in 7 different countries
  • European market leader in sales and technology.
  • The core values of M&G Group are:
    • Respect
    • Together
    • Safety and security
    • Drive
  • Our mission is to create a sustainable and comfortable living environment for everyone.
  • Research & Development:
    M&G Group regards its knowhow and R&D facilities as its most valuable assets. The M&G Group laboratories perform measurements in accordance with European and American Standards. All important characteristics of flue venting systems can be tested with state-of-the-art testing equipment. During product development wind tunnel tests determine recirculation of flue gasses in the air supply. Critical pressure differences in various wind conditions supply engineers with important parameters. A special sprinkler installation is used for testing roof and wall terminals on rain ingress from different angles of impact. And in an ice chamber boiler tests are carried out with the flue terminals at temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius. This enables the engineers to develop terminals that prevent the formation of ice. With the help of a comprehensive test programme the flue system is developed to fit each individual boiler. The experienced R&D engineers are able to support boiler manufacturers by determining flue lengths in combination with their boiler according to European and American regulations. Also the M&G Group laboratories help customers to find the right flue venting solution for their boilers in every specific market. Test reports produced by M&G Group are accepted by almost every Notified Body.

Our history

  • 1932
    Muelink & Grol (short M&G) was founded
  • 1937
    Burgerhout (founded in 1865) starts producing flue gas venting systems
  • 1996
    The M&G Group is formed by the 2 market leaders:
    M&G and Burgerhout
  • 1998
    Anjo (Beverwijk) joins the M&G Group
  • 2005
    InterActive, located in Didam, joins M&G
  • 2005
    The Belgian company Isoléco joins M&G
  • 2005
    Cheminées Sécurité (est. 1984), located near Paris, joins the group
  • 2007
    Ant Kalip (origin Istanbul, est. 1955) joins M&G
  • 2009
    M&G-Italia (located in Orgiano near Venice) becomes
    part of the group
  • 2010
    DuraVent, with 2 locations in the USA, joins
  • 2012
    Security Chimneys (est. 1960) in Laval, Canada joins the M&G Group
  • 2016
    InterActive is fully integrated into the plants in Groningen and Assen
  • 2016
    Cheminées Sécurité changes into Burgerhout France
  • 2017
    To better serve their respective regional markets, DuraVent and Security Chimneys International are carved out of the M&G Group
  • 2017
    The Italian flue gas company Stabile S.p.A joins the M&G Group