M&G Group concentrates Dutch manufacturing of flue gas systems at two locations in the Netherlands

Assen, NL, 15 April 2015 – M&G Group announced today that it plans to concentrate the manufacturing and assembly activities of interActive in Didam at Muelink & Grol in Groningen and Burgerhout in Assen in the first  half of 2016. This retains employment in the Netherlands. The new situation offers places to interActive employees.

To remain successful in the future, it is necessary to concentrate the manufacture of flue gas systems in the Netherlands at two rather than at three locations. Muelink & Grol and Burgerhout are manufacturing companies; interActive does assembly and finishing of components and semi-finished products from the other two companies. The market for flue gas systems in which the business is active is experiencing change. To remain successful as a production business in the Netherlands, it is important to respond to this in good time. The concentration of the manufacture and assembly at two locations in order to reduce costs is the best step forward in this case.

In the first half of 2016, interActive’s manufacturing and assembly activities will move to either Muelink & Grol in Groningen or Burgerhout in Assen. The concentration of the manufacture and assembly at two locations will ensure a stronger market position and make the business better able to compete.

The staff of the three companies have been informed of the plans. The Central Works Council has been asked for advice. The unions have also been informed. The new situation offers places to interActive employees. It is the intention to have the actual move take place in the first half of 2016.

About M&G Group

M&G Group is a Dutch manufacturing business that has developed into a European market leader in the area of flue gas systems for use with central heating boilers. The group also supplies a range of high-quality ventilation products. The range comprises over 12,000 products in all. These are manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel or plastic. The M&G Group has an extensive R&D department that works closely together with our customers and is continuously occupied with product innovation. M&G Group consist of ten companies in Europe and three in North America. In the Netherlands the group has five locations, with its head office in Assen. There are also local organisations in Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey, the United States and Canada. With these locations, the group is able to serve its customers – who frequently operate internationally – efficiently and effectively. The M&G Group has a turnover of approx 200 million euros and employs about 1,200 staff.